I’m happy to announce that I created an English version of my blog for all my English speaking followers: Eden Natural Cosmetics!
It doesn’t have all the content of the Italian version yet, but I’m working on it. I suggest you to visit it frequently because I’m adding new content constantly.

I also created a new English facebook page, where I’ll share the new articles and some behind the scenes pictures. I feel quite lonely there considering all the followers of the Italian one... but I love challenges and starting from scratch from time to time! If you want to help me, please share my link and Facebook page with your international friends. Let’s see if I’ll reach as many likes as the Italian page!

I also invite you to join my new English Facebook discussion group to directly talk about homemade cosmetics and share recipes and ideas with others DIY cosmetics lovers.

Note for all the Italian users: my Italian blog, FB page and FB discussion group will continue to be updated as usual, I’m NOT closing them! The new English pages are just a way to involve more people in the wonderful homemade cosmetics world! Also, as I'm living in a international environment, I've been asked several time to translate my blog... so here I am!

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